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Pre-built OAuth flows & secure token management for 60+ APIs. 100% open source.

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How it works


Easily trigger an OAuth flow from your frontend with our SDK. No backend work needed.


Get fresh OAuth access tokens at any time in your frontend or backend. Nango takes care of secure storage and refreshes for you.

How is it different from Passport.js, NextAuth or OAuth libraries?

Nango vs. Passport, Grant or NextAuth:
Passport & similar libraries focus on OAuth for single sign on (SSO). They don't store tokens, don't refresh them, don't encrypt them etc.
Nango focuses on using APIs with OAuth. It provides pre-built flows, secure token storage and management in one.

Nango vs. OAuth libraries:
Nango is built on top of OAuth libraries: It adds a web server to handle the dance, pre-built configurations for 50+ APIs, secure token storage & refresh etc. You will be faster and more secure using Nango than building with an OAuth library.

Read more here: Why is OAuth still hard in 2023?

A full production-ready OAuth solution. Without the hassle.


63+ pre-built providers

Pre-built OAuth 2.0 and 1.0a strategies for the most popular APIs. Constantly growing. And easy to add yours.


Simple frontend SDK

Trigger an OAuth flow with a single line of code. Enjoy a modern experience that leverages promises instead of URL redirects.

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No backend work needed

Nango handles the full OAuth dance, secure token storage & refreshes. Just access the latest tokens whenever you need with our SDKs.


Secure token storage

Nango is a token vault: Credentials are encrypted at rest and security is baked in from day 1. Don't risk your customers' access credentials.

Language agnostic,
just an API

Nango runs as an independent service. It works with every programming language and framework.

Integrate with any API

Our templates support 60+ APIs out-of-the-box, and we can add your favourite API in <24h. Just open a GitHub issue or contribute it yourself, it's easy.

100% Open Source

Leverage our community's shared knowledge to build better app integrations, faster.

Loved by developers & CTOs

"With Nango, the time it takes us to implement and manage a new OAuth integration went from days of work to hours.
The best part is that they take care of refreshing tokens, which had been a nightmare for us."


Co-Founder & CTO,

"We just setup Nango to let our customers grant us access to their JIRA instances, and are now planning to use it for all future integrations. We were dreading the integration (Atlassian APIs anyone?). My Co-Founder Jack actually wrote the integration in a few hours while I was out, the Nango team were amazingly helpful!"



"We’ve been using Nango for the past two months to make adding API integrations to way easier. We’ve manually integrated different OAuth providers before and I never want to do it again.
Nango means I don’t have to think about OAuth anymore so I can focus on building what makes us different."



"It took less than 5 minutes to get OAuth working using Nango on my project! Thanks, Robin, and Bastien for being super helpful & responsive."



"It has been a big task for us to make something similar internally. This is genuinely a great problem to solve."


CTO, Telematica

"Life pro tip: If you need to implement Oauth auth yet again, try: @NangoHQ it has been pretty seamless for me."


Founder, Pomasearch

"We’ve been using it in production on Blocktool to connect our customers to HubSpot for a while now. Very thoughtfully implemented and works well with our frontend & backend. Saved us a ton of time."


CTO, Blocktool

"My mind was blown. I was like YES exactly, that's what I need."


Founder, Engageful

"You're doing everyone in SaaS a massive service."



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