Nango Pricing

Free OAuth for all, fair and transparent pricing for syncing data, from Startup to Enterprise.

Free - Unlimited OAuth forever.
Unlimited auth & proxying
3 synced connections1
Free forever OAuth, API key auth & request proxying for 100+ APIs
Unlimited secure token storage & automatic token refreshes
Try data syncs & integration templates
Build your own custom integrations and models
2-way syncs, write-backs & webhooks for 3 connections
Management dashboard
Separate dev & prod environment
Community support - join!
Starter - Ship integrations fast.
Unlimited auth & proxying
20 synced connections1
Everything in Free plus...
Integrate once, ship integrations fast
Dozens of pre-built integration templates
We build custom integration templates for you
Extend & customize templates
Sandbox accounts for testing many APIs
2-way syncs, write-backs & webhooks for 20 connections
Built-in observability & monitoring
Slack Connect support
Scale - With zero maintenance.
Starts at
Unlimited auth & proxying
Unlimited synced connections1
Everything in Starter plus...
Scale with zero maintenance
Nango maintains your integrations & fixes them as APIs change
Pre-built, unified and custom integrations all on the same platform
24h turnaround for new custom templates
Priority Support with Slack Connect
SOC 2 compliant2
Add-ons available: SLA, EU servers, single-tenant instance, managed hosting in your infrastructure, SSO
1 Connections include 4h of data sync runtime per month. $0.3/h for additional runtime.
Certification in progress. Contact us for details.

Prefer self-hosting?

Nango is fully open source and can be self-hosted for free.
If you need self-hosting for compliance reasons, we also offer managed hosting in your infrastructure.

Pricing FAQ

Transparent and fair pricing is important to us.

This is too expensive for us, given what our customers pay us

If you think that you can not afford Nango for your product please reach out!
We have special pricing for B2C, companies with many free users/free trials or cases where each customer sets up a lot of integrations.

We are happy to create a custom quote for you that takes your specific situation into account.

I need an integration or API that you don't support yet

No problem!
We can add support for most APIs and integration use cases within 48h. Please contact us on the Slack community and we can add it for you.

Do you have a special plan or discounts for early stage startups?

Yes we do!
We have special conditions for early stage startups and want to make sure that money is never a reason not to use Nango. Please contact us and we are happy to help you.

Questions? Let's talk!

We are friendly and respond within hours.