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Why an open unified API?

Customers expect your SaaS to integrate with their ever-growing stack. Use an open unified API to ship integrations fast, with a single interface, for any use-case imaginable.

How Nango works

1. Authorize

Embed our drop-in UI in your app to let users authorize any integration. Nango handles various authentication types (OAuth, API Key) and securely manages user credentials.

2. Sync & write-back

Continuously synchronize data with external APIs with Nango Sync. Use one of 100+ pre-built integrations, customize them or build your own on top of our infrastructure.

3. Unify

Drastically simplify your integration code by using a single API for many integrations. No need to deal with each external API's schema and quirks anymore.


The fastest-growing catalog of integrations

Get started fast with pre-built templates, extend them or build your own. Integrate any API, any endpoint, for any use-case. Backed by our community of contributors.

Purpose-built integration infrastructure.

Nango comes with everything you need to build integrations fast: dedicated tooling, clean documentation and fast support.

OAuth for 100+ APIs

Authorize your customers with one line of code. We monitor connections and alert you in case of issues.

Data syncs in your own schema

Get full access to the APIs and let us handle pagination, retries, rate-limits, data caching, de-duplication, and more.

2-way sync & 
write backs

Enable 2 way syncs or write data back on-demand.

Real-time webhooks

Receive webhooks in realtime whenever new data is available - in your own schema.

We built a full integrations platform, so you don't have to.

Managed API auth

A drop-in UI to let your users authorize integrations.

Bi-directional sync

Continually syncs with APIs in the background.

Real-time updates

Webhooks to get real-time updates on data changes.

Unified API & models

A single API with documented & structured schemas.

Custom objects

Users define custom objects & access the raw data.

Typed SDKs

Auto-completion, strong types and concise syntax.

Admin console

Inspect your customers' activity & traffic.


Reliable external integrations  with unified error reporting.

Open & source-available

Our community maintains integration templates & shares API knowledge. Together, we can build an integrations platform like no closed entity can.

Join the largest product integrations community

80+ contributors

Our team & community update Integrations when APIs change, allowing engineers to focus on their product instead of building data pipelines.

Explore Github

650+ members

Ask questions, share you thoughts on features & roadmap and learn about use cases. Staff and members are answering questions and sharing tips daily.

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Open roadmap

Our roadmap is public and open for feedback! Submit issues, comment on existing ones or reach out directly to our team with feature requests.

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Loved by developers & CTOs

"The time it takes us to implement and manage a new integration went from days of work to hours.


CTO, Crowd

"Nango means I can focus on building what makes us different."


CTO, Trigger

"It has been a big task for us to make something similar internally. This is genuinely a great problem to solve."


CTO, Telematica

"Very thoughtfully implemented and works well with our frontend & backend. Saved us a ton of time."


CTO, Blocktool

"My mind was blown. I was like YES exactly, that's what I need."


Founder, Engageful

"You're doing everyone in SaaS a massive service."


Founder, Launchpad

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A single API for all your integrations. Ship integrations fast, maintain full control.