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Why join Nango?

Fully Remote

Our global team operates remotely across GMT-5 (US East) to GMT+1 (Europe) using modern tools, valuing outcomes over hours, while upholding excellence.


We champion transparency and community. We design user-friendly tools, enabling developers to produce exceptional software.


Team members gained expertise at major companies such as Uber and Silicon Valley startups. Nango is backed by top US investors, notably Y Combinator.

Perfect Timing

We've gained significant traction with a fast-growing community and satisfied paying customers. Join us to elevate SaaS offerings with advanced integrations.

Nango in numbers

Nango is already adopted by many companies at scale. Our customer base and community is growing fast!

in funding
Launch & Y Combinator
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The Product

Nango simplifies the process for engineers to integrate their software with external APIs. Our open-source platform acts as a one-stop solution for all product integrations.

Despite companies investing $2B annually in creating product integrations, they often miss out on significant revenue due to the absence of crucial integrations. With Nango, businesses can integrate once and immediately tap into a suite of 130+ integrations. This not only saves on engineering expenses but also captures more opportunities and wins deals.

There's a growing trend towards enhancing software products with integrations, especially among LLM apps that require data imports from external systems.

Company timeline

October 2022

Nango founded by Robin & Bastien

January 2023

Joined Y Combinator (W23 Batch)

March 2023

Secured $2m in funding from top US investors (unannounced)

June 2023

Launched Nango Cloud

June 2024

Fast-growing revenues & many customers
200+ supported APIs
4,000+ Github stars

1,500+ community members

100+ contributors

Backed by incredible investors at

Meet the team

Robin Guldener
Co-Founder / CEO

Grew up in Zurich. Interned in Palo Alto. Coder since age 12. Previously founded Avrios and scaled it to 1000+ customers, 50+ native integrations, $10M ARR.

Bastien Beurier
Co-Founder / CTO

French-American. Grew up in Paris, 2xYC founder (S19, W23). Previously senior platform engineer at Uber. Also worked at Lantern,, Triplebyte in San Francisco.

Khaliq Gant
Software Engineer

American born, currently living in Tel Aviv. Wine sales rep turned self taught coder. Full stack developer with 10+ years of agency and start up experience.

Thomas Bonnin
Software Engineer

Grew up in France. Currently living in Switzerland. Software engineer with 15+ years of experience. Previously at Livestream, Etsy, The Guardian, and Gatsby/Netlify

Samuel Bodin
Software Engineer

Grew up in the French Alps, currently living in Paris. Learned to code at 14 and is now a senior full-stack engineer. Previously, founded Specfy and worked at Algolia.

Taylor Conlin
Tech Founder In Residence

Grew up in Boston, lives in New Jersey with his wife Rachel and dog Maya. Fashion designer and small business owner turned software engineer. Studied CS at Columbia.

Open positions

No open position at the moment.

How we hire

Our hiring process is conducted entirely remotely

Founder Interview

Engage in a conversation with each of our two co-founders. During this chat, we will provide insights about Nango and get to know more about you and your experiences.

Technical Interview

This will last for approximately 2 hours. There's no coding exercise involved. Instead, we'll delve into a comprehensive review of your areas of expertise, explore technical and architectural questions, and conclude with discussions about our product and company culture.

Paid 1-Week Trial

Experience the role firsthand by joining our team for a week, during which you'll be fully compensated. This gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the team, understand our workflow, and contribute to our open-source repository.

Reference Checks

If we're leaning towards extending a job offer, we'll proceed to have brief conversations with 1-2 of your former managers or colleagues to gain more insights about your professional background and work ethic.


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Contributors help us maintain integrations, detect issues & improve the platform.

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