Making SaaS integrations seamless

Your customers expect your product to seamlessly integrate with the rest of their SaaS. But today, building integrations is far from seamless. With Nango, we want to change that.

Our story

In 2022 Bastien and Robin teamed up out of common frustration: Building integrations in their B2B SaaS was painful, but the existing, pre-built solutions didn’t cut it for most of the integrations their customers requested.

Determined to take a different approach, they took over the maintenance of an abandoned open-source OAuth project. They soon realized that OAuth was just the tip of the iceberg, but the key to the solution was the same: An open, extensible platform, instead of pre-built integrations.

In 2023, they joined Y Combinator’s winter batch and re-launched Nango as an open unified API: A single platform and infrastructure to power all your integrations.

We are reimagining how powerful and seamless integrations can be for B2B SaaS, and we are excited to do it with you.

Pioneering openness in SaaS integrations

To solve integrations for SaaS, we need to go beyond a limited set of pre-built integrations.

Open-Source Infra

We've watched countless teams build the same infrastructure in isolation, investing precious time without tapping into the latest advancements in tooling. We dream of a future where no team builds its integration infrastructure from zero.

Shared Integrations

Ever found yourself lost in an API guide, deciphering misleading or incomplete details? You're not alone. Instead of tackling these challenges solo, let's lean on one another, sharing integration templates & knowledge.

A Vibrant Community

At Nango, we are proud to host the biggest gathering of engineers aiming to simplify SaaS integrations. Join us: Together, we can make the journey enjoyable or, at the very least, less daunting.

Nango in numbers

Nango is already adopted by many companies at scale. Our customer base and community is growing fast!

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Meet the team

Robin Guldener
Co-Founder / CEO

Grew up in Zurich. Interned in Palo Alto. Coder since age 12. Previously founded Avrios and scaled it to 1000+ customers, 50+ native integrations, $10M ARR.

Bastien Beurier
Co-Founder / CTO

French-American. Grew up in Paris, 2xYC founder (S19, W23). Previously senior platform engineer at Uber. Also worked at Lantern,, Triplebyte in San Francisco.

Khaliq Gant
Software Engineer

American born, currently living in Tel Aviv. Wine sales rep turned self taught coder. Full stack developer with 10+ years of agency and start up experience.

Thomas Bonnin
Software Engineer

Grew up in France. Currently living in Switzerland. Software engineer with 15+ years of experience. Previously at Livestream, Etsy, The Guardian, and Gatsby/Netlify

Samuel Bodin
Software Engineer

Grew up in the French Alps, currently living in Paris. Learned to code at 14 and is now a senior full-stack engineer. Previously, founded Specfy and worked at Algolia.

Taylor Conlin
Tech Founder In Residence

Grew up in Boston, lives in New Jersey with his wife Rachel and dog Maya. Fashion designer and small business owner turned software engineer. Studied CS at Columbia.

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