Our Mission:
Make integrations easy for engineers

Our Story: A pain we felt acutely

Both Bastien and Robin have built B2B SaaS companies before. Both have built many native integrations in their products. Both could not believe how much time it took to go from a quick proof of concept to a reliable, scaleable and performant implementation in production.
And both were shocked when they realised that the ongoing maintenance of their existing integrations sucks up 10%+ of their company's engineering resources.

At first they thought they must have missed something.
A new framework. A better SaaS service. Some recent improvements with openAPI specs?

They talked to 80+ B2B SaaS companies.
The answer we got was always the same: Yes, it sucks. Yes, we built the framework in-house. Yes, we don't like it either.

Time for a change.
Time for Nango: An open source framework that makes writing and running customer facing integrations fun. A framework that handles the boring stuff. In code. From engineers, for engineers.

Meet Team Nango

A foto of Bastien

Bastien Beurier

Founder & CTO
10+ years of experience in product management, software engineering and data science. Passionate about data-enabled products & services with positive impact.
Previously founder of Lantern (YC S19).
A foto of Robin

Robin Guldener

Founder & CEO
Coder since age 12. Previously founded Avrios, a B2B SaaS and scaled it to 1000+ customers and 55+ employees.
Passionate about well designed systems, scaling organisations and everything that happens outdoors.
Shadow of a person with question mark


Founding Engineer
We are actively looking for talented (backend) engineers to help us build Nango!
If you have experienced the pain of customer facing integrations at scale and want to have an impact in a fast moving startup please reach out: hello@nango.dev