How is Nango different from embedded iPaaS or API aggregators?

Nango is the fast and flexible way to integrate your product with 3rd party APIs: Unlike iPaaS and API aggregators, Nango gives you access to the full power of the API.

Robin Guldener
November 29, 2022
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Compared to embedded iPaaS and API aggregators Nango offers a completely different approach to integrations in SaaS products.

The problem with integrations in SaaS products

Until Nango came along you had 2 options to integrate your app with 3rd party APIs:

Build from scratch in-house (slow, big maintenance burden & costly)
➕ Full flexibility: Build anything you can with the 3rd party API
➖ You end up rebuilding infra (sync jobs, change detection, OAuth, observability etc.), it is time consuming & requires a lot of work and experience to scale

Use pre-built solutions: No code/low code platforms or API aggregators (limiting & expensive)
➕ If they perfectly fit your needs they can work very well
➖ They limit what you can do with the 3rd party API to the lowest common denominator - and charge heavily for it.

Nango offers a third way:

Nango offers full access to the API with managed infrastructure

Nango: Full power of the API, none of the infra hassle

Nango gives you access to the full power of the API, whilst taking care of the infra you need to build reliable integrations fast:

  • OAuth & access token refreshes
  • Programmable ELT: Continuously sync data from any API endpoint to your database
  • Built-in scalability: Easily scale to thousands of connected accounts and millions of API requests
  • Built-in pagination, rate-limits, retry strategies, observability etc.
  • Schema mappings & transformations helpers

To get started with Nango check out our GitHub repo. Or jump right in with the docs!

A more detailed comparison

If you are currently using a unified API, we also have a more in-depth alternatives article.

We hope this overview has helped you find the right approach for your customer facing integrations. If you want personalized recommendations please feel free to join our Slack community and we will be happy to help you!

Robin Guldener
Co-Founder & CEO

Originally an engineer himself Robin has worked on product integrations for 6+ years. Today he is a co-founder at Nango.

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