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Why Gretel switched from building integrations in-house to Nango


Co-Founder, Gretel

The best developer experience for building integrations

When we started Gretel, we were building all our Integrations in-house: Our product is really specific and full control over our integrations is key for us. For instance, we really care about real-time syncs with webhooks, we want to integrate deeply with native features of each platform, and we use a lot of complex APIs like Notion and Google Ads.

After we built 3-4 integrations in-house, we realized this would never scale. Between constant maintenance, differences between each API and a growing product backlog. we knew we needed a more scalable solution.

Nango clicked immediately for us: Great DX, clean & modern APIs, full control over our integrations, great observability & logs, everything stays version controlled in our repo, and amazing support from Nango on our Slack connect.

We started using Nango for all our new integrations, but now we are also migrating all existing ones over to Nango. Their tooling saves us a ton of time on maintenance, and now we have a single service for all integrations.

It is fair to say that Nango has been a game changer for our integrations!

"With their great DX, Nango has been a game changer for our integrations!"

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